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Our Story

As a dog trainer and canine behavior consultant first, I see all sorts of health and behavior situations.  Often times I am called to train dogs with anxieties and fears that truly limit the dog and clients lives. This could affect car rides, walks, leaving the home to run errands, having guests over and even living in stressful multi-pet households.

I always seek to minimize stress in my animals and training so if I perceive the pet to be in pain or have a certain level of anxiety while training I may refer them to a vet to ask about medication.  Unfortunately, while veterinary medications may help, they can have a lot of unwanted side effects and even make things worse. 


I was turned onto a company in Texas who manufactured a quality human grade, CBD concentrate from American grown legal hemp. I quickly set up several meeting with the manufacturer, discussed in length the manufacturing process and educated myself further while I began plans to start a cannabinoid based company to help pets.


For months we tested the product out on hundreds of animals and found over and over very positive responses to many of the previously mentioned behaviors and medical issues. 

Pain seemed alleviated, anxious behaviors reduced, appetites increased and stressed dogs found a calmer sense of being.  These were all first-hand accounts from my clients.  This was great news.


The already affective human formula was reformulated for potency and palatability and in Spring of 2017 All Paws Essentials was formed.