Aggression. How did we get here?

Unless I’m working with puppies on basic obedience I am generally called to help my clients find ways to reduce problem behaviors in their dogs that are fear based responses. It may be barking at the front door when guests arrive, barking/lunging at other dogs on leash, or stopping nipping and biting behavior when interacting […]

Dog parks. A different standard?

As dog owners, most of us are aware that our furry friends have some basic needs to be happy and manageable at home. We take our dogs on walks and outings for this reason but for many pets, this may not be enough. Dogs on walks don’t always get the freedom to smell and learn […]

Emergency Come When Called

dog coming when called in emergency

Calling your dog away from danger or when needed can fail. Learn how to teach your dog an emergency come when called cue.

Hemp, a history, and where we are today

If you haven’t noticed, hemp, hemp oil, and hemp CBD products are literally showing up everywhere. There has been a hemp revolution of sorts you could say. This influx of hemp products onto the market is big business but it wasn’t always that way. Since 1970 and the Nixon administration, hemp was part of the […]