How to Treat Hot Spots on Dogs

dog paws with hot spot and bandage

  How to Treat Hotspots on Dogs Hot Spots are common in dogs and can cause great grief for both the dogs and their owners.  Undoubtedly, if your dog has had a hotspot, you may have wondered what your treatment options are. Maybe you aren’t even sure what a hotspot is. In this article we […]

5 Common Digestive Issues in Pets

Dog with digestive issues

  5 Common Digestive Issues in Pets  You wake up and head into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for yourself and furry pal. After pouring the perfectly measured food into their favorite bowl, you notice they’re not eating. You think, “Well that’s strange. Usually he devours his food in seconds.” Later, you try to play with […]

How to help your dog relax

dog relaxing on mat

How to Help Your Dog Relax Have you ever wanted your puppy or rambunctious dog to just settle down and relax more?  There are several types of dogs who generally fall into this category. The highly aroused and easily excitable dog is a common source of frustration. Likewise, the anxious neurotic dog or puppy can […]

New and Exciting CBD Formula for Pets

Bottles of CBD oil for pets

Since 2017, All Paws Essentials has been a pioneer in providing top quality Broad Spectrum CBD for pets.  Our THC free formulas provide high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol) with other beneficial cannabinoids much smaller concentrations. While  24.0% of U.S pet owners reportedly offer their pets cannabinoid oils like CBD, most if not all are unaware […]

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

All Paws Essentials Pet CBD Oil

Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs Are you considering using CBD oil for your dog? Here is some information on the endocannabinoid system, the benefits of CBD oil for pets, and choosing the right product. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a network of cannabinoid receptors in the body that play an important role in regulating […]

How much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

measuring dosage for cbd

How much CBD Should I Give My Dog? It’s a great question! Just like humans, pets can benefit from CBD. CBD is still a new therapeutic option for many people, including many of our furry friends. Fortunately, we’ve been doing this for a while, so here’s our advice. If you’re thinking of using CBD Oils, […]

Preparing For Separation Issues After Quarantine

dog with separation anxiety

      Preparing for Separation After Quarantine Many dog owners have already reported behavior issues related to quarantine restrictions.  With the entire family home comes less structure, more activity, less independence and alone time, as well as more inter family conflict as we have adjusted to the new normal ourselves. The point is that change is […]

A lesson on Loose Leash Walking

dog walking on loose leash

A lesson on Loose Leash Walking Walking a dog pleasantly down your neighborhood street or around a park can be one of the most rewarding experiences you share with your dog.  However it is often the case that your dog wants something more out of his walk and in turn makes the walk less pleasant […]

The secret ingredient in dog training

Have you ever wondered why some dogs just seem to magically be more responsive and engaging with their owners? Do you wonder why all your training seems to go out the window when your dog has other options than paying attention to you? If so, you’re not alone and in this blog post I will […]

9 Reasons to Consider MCT oil for You and Your Dog

9 Reasons to Consider MCT oil for You and Your Dog. Already a popular supplement,  MCT oil is used in human nutrition for many reasons.  Because of this, dog owners often ask me about MCT oil for dogs.  As supplements go, it has some controversy as it is almost all saturated fat. However, the benefits […]