8 Reasons to Consider MCT Oil for You and your Pet

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8 Reasons to Consider MCT oil for You and Your Pet.


Already a popular supplement, MCT coconut oil is completely safe for both humans and dogs in moderate amounts.  People add mct oil to all sorts of foods and drinks or even apply it topically to gain its numerous benefits. It is the main carrier oil in our Pet CBD blend, but what is this oil and what can it do for you and your pets.


What Is MCT Coconut Oil?

MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride, which refers to the length of the chains of fats. Each MCT is made up of 6 to 12 carbon atoms.

It is important to receive MCTs in your diet as your body utilizes them differently to long-chain fatty acids. After leaving your gut, MCTs head to the liver, where your body can use them for energy or turn them into ketones. In other words, your body uses the calories from MCTs immediately, instead of storing them as fat. It is useful for your body to have ketones, as the brain can transform them into energy later, rather than needing to rely on glucose or sugar.

MCT supplements usually use coconut as the source for their oil. This is because more than 50 percent of all the fat in the fruit comes from MCTs. Other sources of MCTs include dairy products and palm kernels, but they have a much lower percentage of MCTs than coconuts.

1. Quick Energy for the mind and body


Because of shorter structure of MCT’s they are rapidly absorbed by the body with very little work by the gallbladder, liver or pancreas.  They convert quickly to energy or into substances called ketones which are able to cross into the brain and supply it with valuable fuel. Much less of MCT’s are stored as fats and in fact have shown in some studies to increase calorie burn by as much as 5%.


2.  Improved Brain and Memory

We mentioned above that the brain can use MCTs for energy. This can actually lead to better brain function and improved memory. For instance, research suggests that people with Alzheimer’s may see increased thinking ability when they take MCT oil. This is due to their brains’ capability to utilize ketones from the oil more effectively than it could use glucose.


3.  Nutrient Absorption

We can eat all the good foods we want but without proper absorption of nutrients, we aren’t getting all that we could be.  Fat soluble vitamins like A, E, D, K as well as minerals like magnesium and calcium depend on saturated healthy fats like MCT’s to help transport them to their final destinations.  Organic MCT coconut oil was carefully selected in our Pet CBD for proper delivery of valuable cannabinoids and terpenes to your pet. 


4. Weight Loss

There are several reasons why MCT coconut oil can help speed up weight loss. (It can be particularly effective at getting rid of fat around the waist.)

First is that the oil leads the body to release the hormones peptide YY and leptin, which suppresses appetite and make you feel full. In fact, MCT oil has been found to be more effective at this than pure coconut oil. You’ve already seen that the body burns calories from MCTs straight away. Another benefit is the fact that MCTs have 10 percent fewer calories than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs) — the types of triglycerides present in olive oil, avocados, and nuts. Yet another reason is that MCTs can help you maintain the correct balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut. This is a great way to promote healthy weight loss.  Bear in mind that losing weight with MCT coconut oil is particularly effective when you’re on a ketogenic diet. This involves eating few carbohydrates but plenty of fats. By also taking MCT oil, you’ll keep your body in a fat-burning state.


5. Insect Repellant

Until recently, the most effective insect repellents all contained the chemical DEET. The chemical is popular because it can repel all kinds of biting bugs and prevent the spread of diseases carried by these insects. However, DEET can lead to some serious side effects for your health. For instance, it can be toxic to your central nervous system, can cause skin reactions, and is even linked to cancer. The chemical is particularly dangerous to use on your whole body on a regular basis. The difficulty comes when you live in a place where you are often bothered by insects and have no option but to use a repellant.

The good news is that MCT coconut oil is more effective at keeping insects at bay than DEET. For instance, one study found it to be 90 percent effective at repelling mosquitoes. It is also great for keeping dogs free from fleas and ticks. Unlike most treatments, it is non-toxic, meaning there is no problem if the dog licks the oil. Antimicrobial and Antifungal

MCT oil as mentioned above is comprised of medium chain fatty acids.  The most common of these are capric, caprylic, and lauric acids. Caprylic acid has the most anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties and also has the mildest taste of the MCT’s.   All Paws Essentials for instance uses an organic MCT oil high in caprylic acids. Because of the antimicrobial properties in our MCT oil, it helps pets with pesky candida infections and helps to clean the gut of unwanted microbes.  


6. Control Blood Sugar Levels

By reducing blood sugar levels, MCT coconut oil may be able to help patients manage diabetes. There is evidence that the oil can even lower your risk of diabetes, such as by preventing insulin resistance.


7.  Improve Cholesterol 

Saying MCT oil lowers cholesterol isn’t quite accurate. Cholesterol isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it is necessary for vitamin D synthesis and hormone regulation.  Recently studies have shown that a diet high in saturated fats from MCT’s increases good HDL cholesterol levels while lowering overall lipid levels. The smaller more dangerous LDL cholesterol molecules were also affected and overall increased in size which is a good thing since smaller and denser LDL molecules triple your risk for heart disease. 


8. As an Antimicrobial / Antibacterial / Antiviral

There are 3 different possible fatty acids that comprise MCT’s. They are caprylic acid, capric acid, and lauric acid.  All of these fatty acids offer different benefits but most they all offer some degree of protection against bacteria, fungi and even virus’. Caprylic acid has been shown in studies to be a strong antibacterial and promote better gut health. Capric acid is a strong antifungal and immune system booster. Lauric acid has shown the strongest antibacterial properties of the 3 and also offers important antiviral properties.  Often a good organic MCT oil will contain a variation of all three of these fatty acids which covers all bases. 

Because of the fast absorption, antimicrobial properties, possible positive effects on brain function and lipid regulation it is easy to see why All Paws Essentials chose an organic MCT base to carry our CBD rich hemp extracts.  For oral or topical use, you can’t go wrong.  

Bryndon Golya 

All Paws Essentials


How to Move Home With Your Dog

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How to Move Home with Your Dog

Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences you can have. According to Nicky Lidbetter, chief executive of Anxiety UK, this is because it involves “having to cope with change.” However, it can be even worse for your dog.

Dogs become very attached to their regular surroundings, and uprooting them to a new location can be very stressful. If not properly settled, dogs can become stressed and develop behavioral problems. However, with a little forward planning, you can help your dog to experience a stress-free, successful transition to their new home.

House Hunting with Your Dog in Mind

Before you begin your search, work out what you and your dog need in a home. Remember that just because a building allows pets doesn’t make it suitable for your pet. Once you know what you need, find a realtor who really understands your needs. This means that they won’t waste your time showing you unsuitable properties and will be able to answer questions about how pet-friendly the neighborhood truly is.

As well as talking to the realtor, do your own research. Walking your dog around your potential new neighborhood gives you the opportunity to explore local dog parks and talk to other dog owners about the pet friendliness of the area.

You’ll also need to assess how suitable your new home is for your dog. Your most important concern should be safety. For example, if the property has a yard, make sure that it’s fenced-in. However, you may have to install a new fence yourself. Like hiring a removal firm, readying your new home is one of the hidden but necessary costs of relocating; for example, in nearby Anaheim, a wooden fence can cost between $1,520 and $3,000, according to HomeAdvisor. As well as making sure that the property is secure, you’ll need to assess how safe the landscaping is for your pet. Common plants such as daffodils, azaleas, and sago palms can be poisonous to pets.

Moving Day with Your Dog

In the weeks leading up to your move, plan your dog’s transition as well as your own. Moving day is a very disruptive day, especially for your dog. Not only will their whole routine is disrupted, but all of their familiar objects and smells will disappear.  

The easiest and safest option is to ask a friend or family member to look after your dog. This is a low-stress option, especially if your pet is familiar with their home. Should you choose to use a pet sitter or a boarding kennel start looking well before your moving day. You will find many options online so you’ll need to do your research and find a reliable sitter. You may also need to get your dogs worming and vaccinations up to date beforehand.

Helping Your Dog to Settle In

Remember that dogs like routine and familiar scents and places. If your dog does start to exhibit signs of stress, don’t worry. Even the most relaxed dog will take time to settle into a new home so be patient. Try interacting with your pet more than usual. Settling your dog into a routine as quickly as possible brings a sense of familiarity, helping your pet to relax. Studies have also shown that lavender and regularly grooming your pet can reduce stress levels. We suggest using the lavender at home regularly first so your dog associates the lavender smell in the new home with the known lavender smell from before. Another option to help keep your pets calm during a move is Pet CBD.  All Paws Essentials Pet CBD has shown to be helpful when dealing with the stress of moving. Start giving you dog or cat the Pet CBD a few days ahead of time and during the transition for best results.

It can also be tempting to buy your dog a new bed, toys, and even food and water bowls. However, this can be doubly disruptive for your dog. These things all have a familiar scent and their presence in your new home will be reassuring to your dog. Setting up a crate (you can find affordable options at retailers like PetCo for around $33.99 and up) that you can fill with familiar objects, such as blankets, toys, and scents, will provide your dog with a safe place to go while they acclimatize to their new surroundings.

Moving home can be a stressful and difficult time for all members of the family, including your dog. Taking the time to consider your pet’s needs at every stage of the journey can help to ease any added stress from the situation. It can also help your dog to quickly settle into its new home.

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Cindy Aldridge


Pet CBD and Canine Epilepsy

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Pet CBD and Canine Epilepsy

 I’ve been very fortunate that, for most of my life, I have owned healthy dogs who have suffered from no serious health issues. However, for many dog owners that simply isn’t the case. I work pet owners on a daily basis, addressing their pets’ health and behavior issues. This allows me to see first-hand the challenges some people face, tackling difficult and confusing health issues like canine epilepsy. 

Epilepsy in Dogs

 Until recently, I was unaware that epilepsy is the most common neurological condition in dogs. I also did not know that almost one-third of dogs gain little relief from standard anticonvulsant medications.

 The two most common medications veterinarians currently prescribe for canine epilepsy are potassium bromide and phenobarbital. Although these drugs can help some dogs with uncontrolled seizures, many pet owners find that neither option helps. Furthermore, the dogs who do experience a lower in frequency of seizures generally suffer from many side effects. These can markedly reduce their quality of life.

 For instance, some of the side effects of potassium bromide include:


   Ataxia (loss of coordination in the hind area)

   Increased hunger and thirst

   Irritability and restlessness

   Stomach upset with nausea and vomiting


Phenobarbital has an even longer list of warnings and contraindications, but the side effects are similar and include:

   Increased hunger and thirst

   Excessive urination

   Weight gain






   The risk of developing serious liver issues

 On top of all that, missing a scheduled dose of either the above medications may trigger further seizures.


CBD for Seizures

 There is some good news. Recent studies looking into the effects of CBD (cannabidiol) show promise for dogs with with epilepsy who are either on the above medications and dealing with the side effects. These studies also suggest that CBD may be effective for dogs who see no improvement with any of the available prescription drugs.


The First Study: Delivery Methods of CBD

 One study, called “Pharmacokinetics of Cannabidiol administered by 3 different delivery methods at two different dosages to healthy dogs,” appeared in the Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research. It looked at both how dogs tolerated CBD and the most effective ways to administer the supplement.

 The study involved giving dogs CBD two times a day in the form a capsule, an oil tincture, or a transdermal cream. The two doses were either 5 milligrams per kilogram of weight or 10 milligrams per kilogram. For reference, most of the pets I work with take 0.5 to 1 milligram per kilogram (or 2 to 5 milligrams per 10 pounds).

 Oil tincture had the highest absorption rate and the CBD remained in the dog’s bloodstream for longer than the other two delivery methods. The second most successful was the capsule and the least effective was the transdermal cream. The study also discovered that oral administration led to a relatively short half life of 4.2 hours.

 There were no negative side effects associated with taking CBD, although the dogs’ levels of ALP liver enzymes did rise. Nevertheless, bile acid tests were normal and there were no signs of reduced liver function or toxicity. Tests on long-term tolerance are yet to be carried out.


The Second Study: Effectiveness of CBD

 Whereas the first study showed how best to administer CBD, as well as the dogs’ tolerance of the substance, it didn’t measure effectiveness of CBD on untreatable seizure disorders. An epilepsy pilot study from the Colorado State University, however, examined the effectiveness of a daily CBD regimen for dogs who were already taking traditional medications for intractable uncontrolled seizures.

 In this study, dogs received a full spectrum CBD oil similar to All Paws Essentials Pet CBD. They were given 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of weight (or 1 milligram per 1 pound) twice a day.

 The average reduction in seizures for dogs taking the CBD twice a day was 33 percent. The majority saw more than a 40-percent reduction in seizures. Furthermore, the researchers discovered that dogs taking a higher concentration of CBD saw the greatest reduction in seizure frequency.

 All the dogs in this second study were previously taking potassium bromide or phenobarbital. None had any adverse reactions when they received CBD. Again, ALP liver enzymes were elevated but without reduced liver function. The dogs did not exhibit an increase in any negative behaviors, such as aggression, anxiety, excitability, or rivalry, nor did they have reduced energy levels.

The Takeaway

 Full spectrum CBD oil reduced the frequency of seizures in almost all of the dogs in both of the studies. Whereas an ideal dosage still needs to be determined, the lack of side effects is very encouraging. Although we need more studies be confirm the efficacy of CBD for long-term in for treating seizure disorders, it does seem like CBD could be a viable option for reducing seizure frequency. It also appears that the supplement is generally safe to administer along with these commonly-prescribed anticonvulsants. 

Hemp Seed oil vs. CBD oil

Hemp vs cbd feature image


Hemp oil and CBD oil are two products that promote a naturally healthy lifestyle. As they are both derived from the hemp plant, some people use the names interchangeably. In fact, there are major distinctions that impact their uses and benefits.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a family of flowering plants, one of which is cannabis. Hemp oil is usually derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. These seeds are rich in a number of nutrients, including antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and omega-6 fatty acids. However, the seeds only contain trace amounts of CBD.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. The substance is present in all types of cannabis, but it is just one type of active cannabinoid. It is possible to make CBD oil from various parts of cannabis plants, including leaves, flowers, and stalks.

Like hemp oil, CBD contains just trace amounts of THC — the psychoactive chemical responsible for the high from marijuana. This means you will experience no sense of euphoria when you use CBD oil, but you will gain a number of other benefits.

Uses of Hemp Oil

For a long time, hemp has been available in a variety of products sold in health food stores. It is widely considered a superfood, mainly due to its high content of fatty acids. As an oil, it has a range of applications for humans as well as pets.

1. Act as a Moisturizer

Hemp oil moisturizes skin, hair, and nails by acting just like the body’s natural lipids. With a comedogenic rating of zero, it moisturizes without clogging pores.

2. Improve Heart Health

The fatty acids in hemp oil lower bad cholesterol and increases metabolism by speeding up the rate the body burns fat.

3. Prevent Damage to Nerve Cells

When nerve cells become damaged, nerve impulses slow or stop entirely. This can lead to neurological problems. Hemp oil helps you avoid such conditions by protecting the myelin sheath that surrounds nerve cells.

4. Treat Psoriasis

Gamma linoleic acid (GLA), a type of omega-6 fatty acid in hemp oil, helps fight the auto-immune disease psoriasis. This improves the appearance of skin and eases the itchy sensation.

5. Avoid a GLA Deficiency

Humans and dogs alike can be deficient in GLA, particularly if they are eating a diet high in refined grains. Ensuring you receive enough GLA can help with:

  • Managing arthritic pain and inflammation
  • Improving skin condition
  • Weight management

6. Treat Cancer

GLA can also inhibit the development of certain types of cancers, kill cancer cells, and limit the side effects of some cancer treatments. Plus, in addition to GLA, hemp oil contains high quantities of antioxidants. These prevent damage from free radicals, which can cause cell mutations that may ultimately turn to cancer.


Use of CBD Oil

There are even more ways to use CBD oil than hemp oil. Best of all, it is completely safe for humans and pets.

1. Stimulate Natural Receptors in the Body

CBD stimulates several natural receptors, including:

  • Cannabinoid receptors — This improves the function of the endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in a variety of processes, including fertility, appetite, mood, and memory.
  • Opioid receptors — To modulate pain.
  • Dopamine receptors — These contribute to motivation and reward-seeking behaviors as well as cognition.
  • Serotonin receptors — Another type of receptors with a wide range of functions, these contribute to learning, anxiety, and thermoregulation.

2. Provide Anxiety Relief

CBD oil has a calming effect on the body. In fact, extensive research has shown that CBD reduces anxiety caused by anything from panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and PTSD to public speaking. In dogs, the oil can also be useful for treating separation anxiety and noise phobias.

3. Treat Seizures

Many people find that conventional drugs are unable to treat their seizures effectively. The situation is even worse for dogs, as some of the most common medications (like phenobarbital and potassium bromide) can cause irreparable damage to the liver and other organs. In contrast, CBD is highly effective and has no unpleasant side effects.

4. Natural Analgesic

CBD can also work better than other medications for pain relief. Again, this is especially important for dogs, as traditional drugs can be dangerous for them. CBD oil is a useful analgesic for arthritis and neuropathic conditions, pain in the muscles and joints, and for headaches.

7. Reduce Inflammation

By restoring normal gut motility, CBD is able to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. It also works as an anti-inflammatory in cases of allergies, hypersensitivities, autoimmune conditions, and chronic inflammation.

8. Help with Skin Conditions

Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sunburn, and insect bites are all treatable with CBD oil. Plus, the oil reduces the lipid product from sebaceous glands to prevent acne.

9. Increase Appetite

When poor appetite is due to vomiting or nausea, CBD oil can help. It can even prevent vomiting as a side effect of medication.

10. Fight Cancer

Some of the same substances found in hemp oil are also present in CBD oil. For this reason, CBD is effective at fighting cancer in a few ways. First, it kills current cancer cells by preventing them from producing energy. Second, it slows the growth of tumors. Third, it boosts the immune system to enhance the function of natural killer cells. All this helps improve the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

Purchasing the Right Oil

If you are looking to gain specific benefits, it is important to understand the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. Whereas either will promote good health, they have completely different applications. This means that if get them mixed up, there’s a good chance you won’t see the results you were hoping for.

Furthermore, it is essential that you buy from a reputable brand. It is no good paying for what you think is CBD oil only to find out that product actually contains a substitute that lacks many of the qualities of CBD.  Look for products clearly labeled as having CBD and not hemp oil as many manufactures have done. 

For this reason, we advise staying away from Amazon which limits the information a company can report on their labels and product description. For the best CBD oil for dogs and humans, we recommend our line of premium hemp cbd oils from All Paws Essentials.  They are all safe for oral and topical use on pets and humans. You can trust you’re getting exactly what is listed on our labels. We guarantee it or your money back.

Pet retailers, what to know

Pet CBD retailers, what to know.

Now that hemp is federally legal, CBD supplements in various formulations have popped up across the country and customers and pet retail store owners alike are scrambling to find out which brands they should trust, use and sell.  Currently there are no regulations on supplements containing CBD for humans or pets and based on the verbiage from the FDA in a response to the Farm Bill passage, the FDA is planning to implement rules and procedures at some point for all manufactures and sellers of CBD infused supplements.  Currently the FDA is scheduled to have their first public hearing on these matters this May 31st.


That said, the CBD manufacturers with the best practices and implementation procedures who currently understand and comply with state and federal food processing and manufacturing standards will likely be the mainstay and your go to brands in the coming years.

With recent articles and reports on the inconsistency between and within brands showing up to 70% of tested companies brands are mislabeled and have inconsistent ingredients and potencies, we expect consumers will look to their retailers to help with the decision making process and take some of the burden off their hands.


CVS and Walgreens already know this are introducing CBD products into their cosmetic products and even candies.   With their trusted reputation at risk to the public I expect they carefully aligned themselves with manufactures that adheres to the same quality control practices that are standard in their current food and cosmetic lines which are already FDA regulated.


 In contrast, many Independent retail pet stores are already knee deep in new CBD based product lines and are seeing a new wave of profitability and value for their customer base.  These pet stores are often bombarded weekly with CBD companies trying to gain traction over each other and it can be hard to distinguish each of them from one another. I represent one of those companies, All Paws Essentials, which sets itself apart from other pet CBD companies by already adhering to stringent cGMP(current good manufacturing practices), (FSMA FDA procedures) and ISO 22000 food safety guidelines, which are standard for most food and nutritional supplements but rare for the majority of CBD manufacturers.

These implementations are designed to offer users of All Paws Essentials Pet CBD with the utmost certainty that they are getting exactly what they paid for.  Our loyal retail locations see very few returns and a large amount of repeat business from our product line with All Paws Essentials eclipsing other brands in repeat sales.


All Paws Essentials Helpful tip #1

We suggest offering several varieties of CBD supplement options if possible but our most successful stores primarily sell CBD oil tinctures. This way your staff can up-sell an appropriate snack to add the oil to if needed.  Small freeze dried raw food snacks like Stella and Chewy’s, primal nuggets, or small batch bites are usually more palatable than CBD infused biscuits and it offers a chance to introduce new treats and raw foods to the pets diet.  Freeze dried meats act like sponges too so you don’t waste any. It is also much easier to measure out an exact dosage from oils and they are generally cheaper in the long run for the customer.


We hope you found this useful. Until next time.

Be well and wag tail!


Bryndon Golya


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