Spring is here and we thought we would show you everyone something completely new. I recently decided to look into a new training concept called “Do as I Do” or some might call it “The Imitation Game”.  It is a newer training concept that teaches your dog to essentially copy human behavior through their unique ability to learn from social cues and gestures.  Watch below as my dog Chablis demonstrates her new skills. This was after about a week of training about once daily so it isn’t necessarily hard to accomplish.  It was however so much fun for us both.


So far all of the behaviors are “tricks” Chablis already knows how to do from a verbal cue.  Chablis has progressed from needing me to say what to do and now only needs to see what I do after I give her the “stay” command which essentially tells her to watch me.  She is supposed to wait until I say “do it” but Chablis is very smart and has learned she doesn’t have to wait for me to say anything to get it right. If you can’t tell I am very proud of her. 

Right now this is just a fun way to play with my dogs but imagine if you wanted to learn complex behavior that are important for a therapy or service dog. 

These dog owners may want to train difficult to shape behaviors like closing a drawer, turning on a light switch, picking up a pill bottle, laying down next to you when you feel overwhelmed with anxiety and so much more.  It definitely teaches them that paying attention to you is important so I imaging this may be very helpful for distracted dogs as well.  

Chablis and I are attending an “Imitation Game” seminar in May and plan to incorporate this method into OC Canine Coaching’s training repertoire for clients interested in pursuing further training either for fun or for more real life issues mentioned earlier. 

I hope our video brought a smile to your face and I look forward to sharing more as we progress.  If this type of training is something that interests you please let me know. I would love to hear from you.  


Be well and wag tail!

Bryndon Golya




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