Pet retailers, what to know

Pet CBD retailers, what to know.

Now that hemp is federally legal, CBD supplements in various formulations have popped up across the country and customers and pet retail store owners alike are scrambling to find out which brands they should trust, use and sell.  Currently there are no regulations on supplements containing CBD for humans or pets and based on the verbiage from the FDA in a response to the Farm Bill passage, the FDA is planning to implement rules and procedures at some point for all manufactures and sellers of CBD infused supplements.  Currently the FDA is scheduled to have their first public hearing on these matters this May 31st.

That said, the CBD manufacturers with the best practices and implementation procedures who currently understand and comply with state and federal food processing and manufacturing standards will likely be the mainstay and your go to brands in the coming years.

With recent articles and reports on the inconsistency between and within brands showing up to 70% of tested companies brands are mislabeled and have inconsistent ingredients and potencies, we expect consumers will look to their retailers to help with the decision making process and take some of the burden off their hands.

CVS and Walgreens already know this are introducing CBD products into their cosmetic products and even candies.   With their trusted reputation at risk to the public I expect they carefully aligned themselves with manufactures that adheres to the same quality control practices that are standard in their current food and cosmetic lines which are already FDA regulated.

 In contrast, many Independent retail pet stores are already knee deep in new CBD based product lines and are seeing a new wave of profitability and value for their customer base.  These pet stores are often bombarded weekly with CBD companies trying to gain traction over each other and it can be hard to distinguish each of them from one another. I represent one of those companies, All Paws Essentials, which sets itself apart from other pet CBD companies by already adhering to stringent cGMP(current good manufacturing practices), (FSMA FDA procedures) and ISO 22000 food safety guidelines, which are standard for most food and nutritional supplements but rare for the majority of CBD manufacturers.

These implementations are designed to offer users of All Paws Essentials Pet CBD with the utmost certainty that they are getting exactly what they paid for.  Our loyal retail locations see very few returns and a large amount of repeat business from our product line with All Paws Essentials eclipsing other brands in repeat sales.


All Paws Essentials Helpful tip #1

We suggest offering several varieties of CBD supplement options if possible but our most successful stores primarily sell CBD oil tinctures. This way your staff can up-sell an appropriate snack to add the oil to if needed.  Small freeze dried raw food snacks like Stella and Chewy’s, primal nuggets, or small batch bites are usually more palatable than CBD infused biscuits and it offers a chance to introduce new treats and raw foods to the pets diet.  Freeze dried meats act like sponges too so you don’t waste any. It is also much easier to measure out an exact dosage from oils and they are generally cheaper in the long run for the customer.


We hope you found this useful. Until next time.

Be well and wag tail!


Bryndon Golya

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