Hemp Seed oil vs. CBD oil

  Hemp oil and CBD oil are two products that promote a naturally healthy lifestyle. As they are both derived from the hemp plant, some people use the names interchangeably. In fact, there are major distinctions that impact their uses and benefits. What is Hemp? Hemp is a family of flowering plants, one of which […]

I taught my dog to copy my behavior, how cool!

Spring is here and we thought we would show you everyone something completely new. I recently decided to look into a new training concept called “Do as I Do” or some might call it “The Imitation Game”.  It is a newer training concept that teaches your dog to essentially copy human behavior through their unique […]

Aggression. How did we get here?

Unless I’m working with puppies on basic obedience I am generally called to help my clients find ways to reduce problem behaviors in their dogs that are fear based responses. It may be barking at the front door when guests arrive, barking/lunging at other dogs on leash, or stopping nipping and biting behavior when interacting […]

Dog parks. A different standard?

As dog owners, most of us are aware that our furry friends have some basic needs to be happy and manageable at home. We take our dogs on walks and outings for this reason but for many pets, this may not be enough. Dogs on walks don’t always get the freedom to smell and learn […]

Hemp, a history, and where we are today

If you haven’t noticed, hemp, hemp oil, and hemp CBD products are literally showing up everywhere. There has been a hemp revolution of sorts you could say. This influx of hemp products onto the market is big business but it wasn’t always that way. Since 1970 and the Nixon administration, hemp was part of the […]

Let’s try something new

With Winter here and the Holidays upon us it is common for our furry friends to have unwanted behavior changes from time to time due to added stress from environmental changes. The environmental changes can be anything from the time change to other items like lack of exercise, holiday guests, kids coming home from college, […]

Dog feed problems

What and how we feed out dogs are passions of mine.  I love the conversation and I am always eager to learn more about how I can get the most of the twice a day experience of nourishing my dogs. Notice I didn’t say feed my dogs.   Feed isn’t quite food and unfortunately most […]

5 things dog trainers don’t do

I have worked with hundreds of dogs and their owners and no doubt I have changed my recommendations on the best practices for any given dog or owner but there are a few mainstays that I truly believe have protected the good health and desired behavior I’ve worked so hard to instill in my lovely […]