Food Aggression in Cats: Everything You Need to Know 

Food Aggression in Cats: Everything You Need to Know  Nutrition is just as important for the health and well-being of our four-legged family members as it is to us. As a pet parent, you provide a healthy food choice for your feline BFF. But what is a parent to do when your cuddly cat suddenly […]

How to help your dog relax

dog relaxing on mat

How to Help Your Dog Relax Have you ever wanted your puppy or rambunctious dog to just settle down and relax more?  There are several types of dogs who generally fall into this category. The highly aroused and easily excitable dog is a common source of frustration. Likewise, the anxious neurotic dog or puppy can […]

A lesson on Loose Leash Walking

dog walking on loose leash

Walking your dog can be a pleasure or a pain. This lesson on loose leash walking will teach you how to get the best out of a dog walk.

The secret ingredient in dog training

The secret ingredient in dog training is not what you think. If your dog isn’t as responsive and obedient as you would like, look at your relationship.

How to Move Home With Your Dog

Moving with Pets can be challenging and it can really stress them out. Here are some useful tips to help with transitioning.

Emergency Come When Called

dog coming when called in emergency

Calling your dog away from danger or when needed can fail. Learn how to teach your dog an emergency come when called cue.