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Los Angeles is known for its film industry and sprawling metropolitan areas; however, there are also plenty of exquisite coastal vistas and natural reserves to enjoy. These areas are just waiting to be used by residents who own dogs in Los Angeles. These scenic areas are quite stunning and restore the mind, body, and spirit. Dogs can run freely among some of nature’s best-preserved areas in the outskirts of the city. Recreational time spent with a dog is an essential part of any self-care regimen in Los Angeles, which is often notoriously busy and densely populated. All Paws Essentials pet CBD products can enhance the experience for your canine companion while increasing calmness and relaxation.

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Pet CBD, Escaping Stress for Dogs Los Angeles

The sprawling areas of Los Angeles are often known for their congestion on the freeways and the fast pace of living. Getting away from it all can rejuvenate you and your dog. This is an important aspect of the relationship with your pet because dogs often absorb their owners’ stress. The canine experience is limited to the here and now. For dogs, the commotion of Los Angeles can cause stress and anxiety. CBD is known for its ability to relax and calm the nerves. Taking your dog away from it all while offering CBD treats can restore your pet’s sense of well-being. Plentiful natural areas provide dog owners with plenty of luscious open spaces, parks, and nature reserves to enjoy and bond with canine friends.

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Fortunately, Los Angeles boasts many great beaches, hiking trails, and dog parks to take your beloved pets to get away from the traffic and the crowds. Popular nature trails include Runyon Canyon, and the Baldwin Hills overlook. The Angeles National Forest is also an important recreational site, as it preserves some of the most delicate natural areas in the region.  Laurel Canyon Dog Park can also be a great escape from the daily grind. CBD dog treats and CBD oil can enhance each of these experiences for your pet because they can help reduce the animal’s sensitivity to loud sounds that cause anxiety and distress and calm your dog’s nerves. Adding pet CBD treats or CBD oil to your pet’s daily routine can help manage unknown inflammation or pain, encouraging tolerance to new dogs, and even increasing social activity because of increased comfort.

CBD Oil and CBD Dog Treats

Dog owners in Los Angeles can research this subject independently to compare the various professional views on the subject. According to Dr. Klein from the American Kennel Club, “in most cases, CBD oil does not contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.” This is a critical point for dog owners who are concerned about the difference between the active ingredient in cannabis and the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, which does not contain THC. Why is THC bad?

CBD treats for dogs fall into the category of CBD products that are made from hemp. The cannabinoids in these treats can interact with receptor sites in the dog’s nervous system. The result is a reduction in nerve-related pain; some dogs can even experience fewer seizures when taking CBD treats. Dogs also benefit from the experience of calmness and relaxation, which alleviates stress when living in more hectic areas of the country. All Paws Essentials CBD products can help your dog live their best life by helping to achieve natural homeostasis.

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CBD Pet Treats - Underbites

Formal studies conducted by Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine have shown that dogs suffering from multi-joint pain showed significant improvements in mobility when taking CBD treats.  Similar studies performed at Colorado State University showed a reduction in the frequency of seizures in dogs who took CBD during the study. The active ingredient, CBD, is known to assist in relaxing the central and peripheral nervous systems. Pet CBD oils and treats are effective at treating a variety of conditions that impair your dog’s sense of wellness. Busy city life offers a variety of distractions and recreational opportunities for people to enjoy, but it’s important to remember that your dog also has relaxation and social needs.

Giving pet CBD to your pet can help alleviate a host of symptoms and improve your dog’s sense of peace and security. This is why CBD treats are often used to relieve various conditions, including stress, anxiety, depression, and seizures. Certain studies have also shown that CBD can help relieve multiple problems with digestion and reduce skin irritations and allergies. Consider the benefits of giving CBD oil and CBD treats for your dogs in Los Angeles today!  All Paws Essentials is Owned and Managed by a Dog behavior specialist who has spent years working with pets just like yours so know that your dog’s well-being is in good hands when you choose All Paws Essentials


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