Top Questions

All Paws Pet CBD can be given at anytime of the day and as often as needed. Every animal requires slightly different amounts of CBD depending on their own chemistry and unique needs. Please use the recommended dosage in our calculator as a starting point and adjust up or down as needed. Since we do not have any THC in our product there is a wide range of safe dosing. 

Every bottle has a 2yr shelf life from the manufacturing date and is guaranteed as long as the bottle is kept out of direct light and away from excessive heat, such as in a hot car, etc. We advise to shake the bottle lightly before each use. 

The half life of CBD is about 4.2 hours and it is recommended to dose every 4-8 hours or as needed.  

No, it is not possible to overdose on CBD or any other cannabinoids found in our product.
CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which is a compound found in cannabis and hemp.
Yes, every animal except insects has an endocannabinoid receptor system. Dogs, cats, rodents, lizards, birds, sheep, goats, horses and humans can all receive the benefits of CBD. All Paws Essentials Pet CBD is human grade so you can feel safe administering it to yourself and all of your pets.
We recommend delivering the oil directly with the dropper or on a small treat that will absorb it. Adding the oil to food or with a full stomach may delay or reduce absorption.
Yes, All Paws Essentials Pet CBD is consistently lab tested by a third party for cannabinoid and terpene content as well as for any pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.
All Paws Essentials Pet CBD is grown from organically grown hemp in Colorado and monitored by the CO USDA.
Customers and Veterinarians using All Paws Essentials Pet CBD have reported little to no adverse side effects other than mild sedation in some pets.
Yes, but All Paws Essentials oil is super refined and has only a mild flavor. It is formulated with organic coconut oil for palatability.
Yes, All Paws Essentials paws consults with and is supported by local veterinarians.
No. All Paws Essentials Pet CBD contains no THC. It does contain CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoid which do not cause any “high” whatsoever.

CBD Plays a major role in activating and inhibiting cannabinoid receptors in the body and brain, as well as enhancing the synthesis and activity of our natural endocannabinoids in the central nervous system and in the immune system. 

Because of this modulation, Pet CBD encourages your pets body to achieve its natural homeostasis and may be helpful for numerous pet health issues 

No, not exactly. All Paws Essentials uses a proprietary blend of numerous other cannabinoids and terpenes to provide a full entourage effect. Our CBD oil is sourced from plants grown specifically for this purpose using the whole plant but primarily the cannabinoid rich leaves and flowers, using less stalks, stems and seeds.

Generally All Paws Essentials Pet CBD goes to work and starts  within 30-45 minutes. We expect you to notice benefits to intermittent issues within that time. For persistent issues, please allow a several days or weeks. If you are not seeing improvement in your pet’s condition, please let us know.  Adjusting dosage, concentrations or administration method may be a next step. The full scale of benefits are typically seen over longer periods – we feel cannabinoid nutrition is a way of life, a vital element of your pet’s daily diet.

We generally suggest starting dosing at 1 mg per 10 lbs body weight and increasing the dose to 2 mg per 10 lbs for most conditions. Some pets with chronic ailments or conditions may require a higher dose of 2-5 mg per 10 lbs twice a day consistently for some time before you see desired effects. Please see our online dosage calculator for personalized dosing instruction. 

All Paws Essentials products carry a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. We believe in our Pet CBD products and want you to find the one that best suits your pet’s needs. Through the guarantee, within a 30-day window after ordering your product, All Paws Essentials customers may try and return any product if they do not feel the product meets their pet’s needs. Customers are encouraged to try the product with their pets for at least two weeks. If after two weeks, you are not satisfied with your product, simply email us at and inform us of the reason for your return.  You may then proceed to shipping the product back to us if instructed.  All Paws Essentials does not cover return postage for shipping. Returns may be shipped to the address on the contact page of the website. The guarantee only applies to first time purchases of any product from and we will not issue refunds or credits pursuant to this guarantee from a purchase made in a retail store or from an unauthorized seller or from any site other than If you purchase multiple quantities of the same product, All Paws Essentials will only issue a refund or credit pursuant to this guarantee for the price of a single quantity of the product. Refunds issued are for the price paid by the customer for the product and specifically excluded costs of shipping and applied discounts. All claims made pursuant to this guarantee must be submitted to All Paws Essentials within 30 days of purchase in accordance with this policy. All Money- Back Guarantees are subject to review and refunds/credits are provided at the sole discretion of All Paws Essentials. All Paws Essentials reserves the rights to refuse refunds or credits, at any time, for orders that exhibit indications of fraudulent behavior.