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Our Popular Broad Spectrum CBD oil and our new Trinity Blend Formula.

Since 2017, All Paws Essentials has been a pioneer in providing top quality Broad Spectrum CBD for pets.  Our THC free formulas provide high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol) with other beneficial cannabinoids much smaller concentrations. While  24.0% of U.S pet owners reportedly offer their pets cannabinoid oils like CBD, most if not all are unaware of the benefits of the lesser know cannabinoids such as CBG and CBDa.  These powerful cannabinoids are rare in most CBD formulas, yet they have amazing healing properties. This is why All Paws Essentials crafted Trinity Blend, our new and exciting CBD formula for pets.

Pet owners often look to CBD products to help with anxiety, pain, inflammatory conditions, digestive issues, travel, grooming stress, and even seizure disorders. Quality pet CBD products are generally safe and have little to no negative side effects. With this in mind, it’s easy for pet owners to get on board with this type of supplement.

While CBD oil for pets can offer superior benefits, cannabinoids such as CBDa and CBG don’t regularly get discussed.  All Paws Essentials new and exciting CBD formula for pets is here to change that.

What cannabinoids are good for pets?  

Hemp CBD

CBD infused products for pets can be very effective in managing  arthritic conditions, pain and inflammation, stress, seizure disorders, and digestive issues.

With that said, research in to the many other cannabinoids is showing that they have the ability to effect health and wellness similar to CBD and in some cases better.

CBG (Cannabigerol) 

CBG (Cannabigerol) is part of the many compounds related to cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Similar to CBD, CBG doesn’t contain THC. Therefore, a pet can gain the benefits of CBG without psychoactive effects.

This cannabinoid is the chemical precursor or stem cell to all other cannabinoids.  CBG is present in only 2% of some cannabis and hemp strains, and as the plant ages, the CBG levels drop, converting into other cannabinoids like CBD.

Several research studies found that CBG can improve health, offering similar advantages to CBD.

Benefits of CBG for pets 

Like CBD, you can get CBG for pets. When giving your pet CBG, you may notice various benefits. To gain better visualization of this, see the below:

If you know anything about CBD, it’s possible to see some similarities with the benefits of CBG.

The primary difference is how CBG bind and activates endocannabinoid receptors in your pets. Although the health benefits might look similar, it could stimulate certain areas more and provide your dog or cat with additional benefits.

CBDa (Cannabidiolic acid)

CBDa is closely related to CBD (as the name suggests) and offers similar benefits.  This cannabinoid is harvested from raw hemp plants and is the cannabinoid CBD is made from after processing. It does not induce any psychoactive effects to your pet but is very powerful in other ways.

Benefits of CBDa for pets 

Like CBD and CBG , the benefits of CBDa are similar. However, CBDa stands out from CBD significantly. The potency and bioavailability of this cannabinoids exceed CBD greatly, offering much better results for pets.

The benefits of CBDa are extraordinary compared to other cannabinoids available for pets. The reason many pet owners adore CBDa is its sheer potency. With most medical issues being supported tenfold compared with CBD, it’s a no-brainer for many.

What Makes CBD, CBG, and CBDa different? 

After reading the above, the benefits obtainable from these cannabinoids are apparent. However, what makes them different from one another?

Apart from the above, all CBD, CBG, and CBDa are remarkably similar. But they do have some differences that make each standout.

Because of this, we wanted to combine therapeutic amounts of CBDa, CBG, and CBD for pets into a single formula, which is what our All Paws Essential team has done.

All Paws Essentials – Trinity Blend – A New and Exciting CBD Formula for Pets

Bottle of Trinity Blend CBD
Trinity Blend 500mg formula

Since our establishment in 2017, we have tried and tested many formulas, offering the safest and most effective products for pets. To ensure the quality and effectiveness, we tested raw materials, dosages, and much more.

Through this rigorous process, we developed our newest product,  Trinity Blend.

What is Trinity Blend by All Paws Essentials? 

Our new and exciting CBD formula for pets, Trinity Blend, has broken the barriers with its enhanced spectrum of cannabinoids.  It’s unlike anything available on the market, and it primarily contains four essential ingredients, broad spectrum CBD, CBG, and CBDa, and organic sunflower lecithin.

From market research and testing, we understand that CBD, CBG, and CBDa all hold significant benefits when consumed by pets.  However, we believe they have an even more powerful effect when combined in specific concentrations.

With the inclusion of these powerful cannabinoids, pets may benefit even more with regard to issues such as:

Finally, we added Organic Sunflower Lecithin to the mix.  Rich in choline and other fatty acids, this multifunctional ingredient improves the retention rate of the other cannabinoids.  Lecithin is know for other benefits, such as improved cognitive function, immune support, skin health, proper muscle function, and digestion.

Without question, it’s the go-to formula that offers benefits unlike any CBD products available.

Currently, we’re offering this product in two sizes; 250mg and 500mg. The 250mg option is mostly recommended for small to medium-sized pets, and the 500mg, medium to large. To get your hands on this product, check out this page.


After reading the above, you should better understand the value of CBDa and CBG for pets. These cannabinoids are rarely spoken about but they hold terrific benefits.

CBDa, CBG, and CBD are excellent for those pets in need.  Because of this, we created a formula that combines everything together in higher concentrations, making this new and exciting CBD formula.

Now, your pet can reap the benefits of all three cannabinoids, such as their absorption rate, health benefits, and potency.

If you’d like further information about our new oil, Trinity Blend, feel free to check out this All Paws Essentials page.


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