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Topical Healing Formula
For Dogs & Cats

All Paws Essentials Topical Healing Formula helps soothe, heal, and alleviate pain from common skin issues like hot spots, cuts and scrapes, yeast and bacterial overgrowth, bug bites, burns and more. Our Topical Healing Formula is easy to spray on and is full of therapeutic cannabinoids as well as other natural botanicals. Our Topical Healing Formula is non toxic, 3rd party lab tested and has a pleasant mild scent. Like all our products, it is made locally in southern California.

Only the Best for Your Pet

250mg Broad Spectrum CBD
Fast Acting Pain Relief
Human Grade Ingredients

What Makes Topical Healing Formula Different?

At All Paws Essentials we carefully selected the most natural and safe to use ingredients that have shown to improve many of the most common and difficult to treat skin conditions in pets including cuts, scrapes, Hot Spots, Burns, Fungal and Bacterial infections, Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema, Redness, and Bug Bites.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

Our lab tested CBD extract with an array of cannabinoids like CBD, CBDv, CBC and CBG. All of these have natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and bind with the many CB1 receptors found naturally in your pet’s skin.

Organic MCT Oil

Our natural antibacterial and anti-fungal carrier oil, helps soothe and seal the skin to avoid other pathogens and irritants including air from drying out and further contaminating your pets sensitive skin, infections or wounds.

Active Aloe Vera

Highly bio-active Aloe Vera with more beneficial poly-sacharides which provide important anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties to help heal and soothe the skin.

Hemp Seed Oil

Rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamins A, C and E, Linoleic Acid for added skin protection and healing.

Red Grapefruit Seed Extract

A natural powerful antiseptic (antifungal/antibacterial) as well as antiviral, antiparasitic, antioxidant solution with additional vitamins A and E.


A safe local anesthetic ( numbing agent) to help immediately address pain and itching sensations from burns, cuts, scrapes, bug bites, minor infections, and other wounds or irritations to the skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Another natural anti inflammatory and healing agent that also helps pets with hair loss and damaged skin.

Why Use Topical Healing Formula?

We looked at several different formulation options when creating our Topical Healing Formula and we found the combinations of these natural ingredients provided a robust response to many common and treatable skin issues for pets.

Fine Mist

Fine mist spray is easier to apply than most creams where pet hair is present.

Safe & Effective

Safe and effective ingredients properly sourced and tested to ensure your pet’s safety.

Low Smell

Low smell and taste for sensitive pets

USA Sourced

USA Sourced ingredients, Made in the USA

Multi Function

Multi function capabilities- Pain relief, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and loaded with essential healing fatty acids and other natural compounds.

Helps soothe burns

Relieves pain and inflammation

Quickly heals hot spots

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, pet parents use our All Paws Essentials Topical Healing Formula to help their pets recover from minor cuts, scrapes and burns including hot spots, allergic reactions, and other inflammatory conditions present on the skin.
Based on customer feedback, All Paws Essentials Topical Healing Formula is easier to apply as a fine mist than other brands who use a cream or salve. More product is available on the skin and spreads out more evenly allowing you to use less on your pet. Additionally, our formula contains multiple natural antimicrobial ingredients as well as others specifically for soothing and rebuilding your pet’s natural dermal integrity. If that wasn’t enough, we include a popular pain and itch reliever to help your pet get immediate relief from what ails them.
While ingesting small amounts of our All Paws Essentials Topical Healing Formula is safe for your pets (via licking), we recommend only use our product topically and with additional management of the treated area. (Elizabethian cones or bandages)
You may apply All Paws Essentials Topical Healing Formula to the inner flap of the ear but we advise not to use it for deep inner ear cleaning. (we suggest a product like Epi-Otic for that)
Do not use All Paws Essentials Topical Healing Formula in your pet’s eyes.
All Paws Essentials Topical Healing Formula is non-stinging and contains lidocaine, a safe and effective analgesic for pain and itch relief.
Because CBD can degrade with heat, air and light exposure we limit the amount of air in our package and do not include a window to let light in. Additionally, we add an oxygen absorbing packet to each bag ensuring your treats stay fresh and potent.
If your pet accidentally licks our All Paws Essentials Topical Healing Formula after application they should be absolutely safe. However we highly advise to cover or manage access to the treated area as reinfection or additional irritation may occur if regular licking occurs.
Many pet owners see results within a few days. If no improvement or worsening of the treated area occurs, please discontinue usage and seek veterinary help.
All Paws Essentials Topical Healing Formula is completely safe and your pet can not overdose on it.
We safely manufacture All Paws Essentials Topical Healing Formula in our ISO 6 certified SoCal manufacturing facility which is cGMP certified.
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