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CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety can really help

Some dogs are naturally more anxious than others. If your dog is prone to feeling on edge when going to the groomer, hearing loud noises, or traveling with you in the car, you may be interested in learning more about CBD dog treats for anxiety

In terms of the science behind CBD, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system that works to maintain homeostasis. Endocannabinoid receptors can be detected all over dogs’ bodies- including the cerebellum, brainstem, and medulla oblongata.

When choosing the best CBD for dog anxiety, you should look for a product that has been third-party tested. You should avoid edible products made for human consumption because these products may contain the ingredient xylitol, which is highly toxic to animals. 



How Our Product Can Help Your Anxious Dog

If you are considering using CBD dog treats for anxiety, then ‘Underbites’ Pet CBD treats are definitely for you! Both dogs and cats can eat these treats. Underbites treats help promote your pet’s overall enrichment, as well as they help relax them, making it the ideal reward for successful training. They can fit in most enrichment toys because of their unique tearable design.  Hunting and searching for treats in toys increase cerebral activity, calming your pet even more. Take one on a walk with you and break it up for small rewards for attention around distractions.  

The Symptoms of Fear-Related Anxiety in Dogs

You may have a dog that is calm most of the time but very anxious when faced with strange scenarios or noises. Your dog can exhibit symptoms of fear-related anxiety in any of the following ways:

How CBD Can Help Your Dog at the Groomer

Whether you have experience working as a groomer or you have taken your pet dog to the groomer, everyone knows that grooming is easier when a dog is calm. As a dog owner, you want your pet to think of grooming appointments as a form of self-care. There is nothing quite like coming out of the salon with a freshly trimmed, healthy coat of fur. 

Unfortunately, no matter how experienced a grooming specialist may be, some dogs have a difficult time relaxing during their grooming session. A dog showing symptoms of anxiety, particularly aggression, can make the groomer’s job extremely difficult. 

CBD dog treats are a natural solution to help calm your dog at the groomer. You can help train your dog to accept having their nails trimmed, teeth brushed, and/or coat cleaned by giving them a CBD treat about 30-60 minutes beforehand.  Make sure that you work with a groomer who is patient and willing to help your dog adjust to the grooming process.  The best advice we can give to avoid anxiety at the groomer is to only go as far as the dog will allow you to go.  Having this conversation with your groomer can greatly improve the relationship between the groomer and your dog. You may have to come back more frequently in the beginning, but eventually, your dog will understand the process without the fear of the entire grooming process. 

How CBD Can Help With Noise Aversion Behavior

A dog that has noise anxiety or sensitivity is afraid of particular noises that may eventually generalize into other similar sounds.  Noise aversion can substantially impact the quality of a pet’s life as its reactivity becomes chronic.  Dogs with noise sensitivity typically get less sleep which decreases their resilience to daily stress, increasing their anxious behavior. Dogs require around 16 hours of sleep per day. Studies have shown CBD to help improve the quality of sleep in humans and dogs, leading to reductions in daily stress and anxiety. 

Additionally, dogs’ actions when confronted with stressful sounds can be harmful and even dangerous. Noise aversion is more likely to develop in dogs who are generally stressed but can appear in puppies, during adolescence, and especially older dogs as their hearing changes. Additionally, understimulated and bored dogs with nothing to do tend to focus on any noise that they hear outside or around the home.  This is why we encourage more daily enrichment, such as searching for food or treats. Taking slower walks (Sniffari), where you allow your dog to sniff as much as they want, will relax your pet even more than a long walk by your side.  

There is a considerable risk that your dog, who frequently exhibits shy or frightened behavior, will eventually acquire noise phobia. They might be more likely to bite and run away, putting them in risky situations. The degree of anxiety will be the primary determinant of the best course of treatment for the problem. This may require medical treatment. 

Hints on Desensitizing your dog to sounds:

By exposing them to the sound, you may be able to lessen their dread of it. However, it’s crucial to ensure that this is done in a controlled setting and that you don’t make them listen to the sound without their will. To begin with, play the sound softly so that it doesn’t make them nervous. You may find common trigger noises on Youtube or other apps on your phone.  One app we recommend for barking dogs is called Dog Sounds

It is advised to start at a volume level your pet can barely hear, which does not elicit any negative response.  Only increase the noise to a level they can tolerate without show signs of stress.  If they start to bark or whine, you have gone too far.  Gradually increase exposure to the trigger noise as they improve.  You can use our ‘Underbites’ CBD treats ahead of time to reduce any anxious responses. 

How CBD Can Help Your Dog On a Road Trip

Some dogs like to stick their head out the car window and feel their ears flap in the wind while cruising in a car. Others can find car rides to be a scary and uncomfortable experience. Here are some signs that your dog may have anxiety in the car:

Some dogs may associate a ride in the car with a visit to the groomer or vet’s office and get stressed out. CBD dog treats can help naturally relax your dog before a car ride. In addition to giving your dog a CBD treat, you can play calming music on the radio and give your dog their favorite toy or blanket to snuggle with in the car. All these elements put together can help create a peaceful environment for your dog.  

Hints for a peaceful car ride:

Give your dog something to nestle or lean into, like a big blanket or a bed. Sitting in your lap is also an option.  The more your dog slips and feels out of control, the more likely they will find the car ride aversive and stressful.  If your dog is terrified of any car ride, break the car experience into smaller steps.

You can just open the doors up and feed treats all over the back seat and even the floorboards to increase interest in the car. You may need to start the car and just sit in the driveway to help them learn the engine is just part of the treat-finding business.  Stop there and move on, backing the car up and driving just around the block to a park to sniff more.

If your pet vomits in the car and CBD dog treats for anxiety aren’t enough, consider adding some CBDa from our Trinity BlendStudies have shown CBDa to reduce nausea even more than CBD alone.

Final Takeaway

When finding CBD dog treats for anxiety, quality and brand reputation are significant deciding factors. All Paws Essentials values health, safety, and high standards. With countless satisfied customers and a commitment to quality, your trusty fido or feline companion will fall in love with our treats!

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CBD Oil Dosage Calculator for Dogs and Cats

Dosages listed are for dogs. For cats, expect to use up to double the dosage listed


  • 125mg Bottle: Each ml has 8mg CBD (15ml total)
  • 250mg Bottle: Each ml has 8mg CBD (30ml total)
  • 500mg Bottle: Each ml has 16mg CBD (30ml total)
  • 1000mg Bottle: Each ml has 16mg CBD (60ml total)
  • Trinity Blend (250mg) Each ml has 5mg CBD, 1.6mg CBDa, and 1.6mg CBG (30ml total)
  • Trinity Blend (500mg) Each ml has 10mg CBD, 3.3mg CBDa, 3.3mg CBG (30ml total)
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