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A happy dog being groomed like a pro in a sink with bubbles

The Ultimate Guide to Groom Your Dog Like A Pro

Grooming your dog is an important aspect of pet companionship. It is not only for the appearance of your furry companion but also for their overall health and well-being. Grooming your dog may seem complicated, but in reality, not! Here you will find everything you need to learn how to groom your dog like a pro.  You will learn about the proper tools and techniques to make sure you and your dog enjoy the process and come out beautifully pampered. 

Whether a first-time dog owner or a seasoned pro, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to groom your dog. So, let’s get started.

Why is it important?

Now you might be wondering why grooming is so important. Well, grooming your dog is essential for their physical and emotional well-being. Basic grooming techniques are applied to all breeds and age groups. Whether you have a Bernedoodle full grown or a German Shepherd, It is best to understand how to groom them properly. 

If done with patience and consideration, this also helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog. For a lasting  companionship, it is important that you rightly understand your pet’s needs. Furthermore, the following are the major reasons why grooming your dog is important: 

Hygiene and Health

Regular grooming helps to keep your dog clean and free of dirt, debris, and parasites such as fleas and ticks. This may sound basic, but serious illness and discomfort can occur If ignored. Fleas, ticks and other bugs like scabies can carry disease and lead to scratching causing a secondary infection. 

Besides, grooming helps to prevent and control certain health conditions, such as the matting of fur, which can lead to uncomfortable skin issues. 


Grooming your dog can also be a great bonding experience for you and your furry friend. It can help to strengthen the trust and affection between you and your pet.  It is important to note that if done incorrectly or hurriedly, you can also damage your bond with your dog. 


Regular grooming also helps to keep your dog looking its best, with a shiny coat and clean ears, paws, and nails. For many pet owners, the appearance of the dog matters a lot! So, grooming is the key to making your pet shine among others in the neighborhood! 

A word of caution: If you aren’t consistent with your grooming, and your dog gets too matted, you may have to shave your dog down. This may not be the appearance you want. 


Dogs with long hair or thick coats can become uncomfortably hot, especially in the summer. Grooming can help to keep your dog comfortable by removing excess hair and keeping the fur trimmed.  It is however not advisable to shave certain breeds like labrador retrievers or dogs with a double coat.  These double coats actually protect against cold and heat. Shaving a dog with a double coat may ruin the coat and increase the likelihood of heat stroke in the summer months. 

Pro Tips to Groom your Dog

Now that you know that grooming is essential for your pet’s well-being, it is time to know how to be a pro at grooming your dog. You may already be aware of basic grooming techniques, but it is essential to do them correctly. This can save you much money and help you avoid inconvenience. 

It’s important to note that grooming your dog should be a regular part of their care routine. Regular grooming ensures that you can identify any skin problems in your pet dog early on and that your dog is comfortable, healthy, and looking their best. However, since you know the importance of grooming your dog, here are some tips for doing it like a pro:

1. Use the right tools:

Invest in high-quality grooming tools such as scissors, clippers, combs, and brushes. These. 

Tools will make the grooming process much easier and more efficient. 

2. Brush your dog regularly: 

Brushing your dog regularly will help to remove tangles, mats, and loose hair. It also helps to distribute natural oils throughout the coat, keeping it shiny and healthy.

3. Start when they’re young: 

Start grooming your dog when they’re young so they get used to the process.  The more time you have to condition or desensitize your pup to the feeling of grooming the better they will be in the end.  The same goes for adult dogs. Take your time and only do small portions of the dog to their tolerance with food as a tool to make the process more enjoyable. There is nothing worse that a dog who is scared of being bathed or brushed.  

4. Be gentle and patient

Use a gentle touch when grooming your dog. Avoid pulling on their hair or using cutting tools that are uncomfortable.  This makes them feel less threatened and get used to the process. One of the best resources to help you get this down is fearfreepets.com. The methods they suggest will keep your dog from finding the process too overwhelming.  Only do what your pet allows you to do. This means you may have to use more rewards and do the groom in small sections. 

5. Take your time:

Don’t rush the grooming process. Instead, take your time and be patient, especially with dogs who may be nervous or anxious about grooming. Especially with puppies or dogs with close to zero grooming experience. You don’t want to teach them grooming time is scary. 

6. Get them used to the tools and sound: 

Before grooming, get them used to the tools and sounds of clippers, trimmers by showing them to the dog and letting them sniff them. This will make them feel more comfortable around the tools. For example, your dog may feel strange about such tools, but the best way to solve that is by familiarizing them.  We suggest setting the tools on the floor and offering treats when your dog inspects them.  The next step may be to just pick up a tool or touch it to the skin with no further pressure, rewarding them with food right after. Your goal is to make a positive association with the tools and the food. This may be your tactic for a few sessions before an actual grooming session. 

7. Reward them: 

Reward your dog with treats or praise during and after grooming. This simple action helps them associate the experience with positive reinforcement. Treats are the best way to find how efficient and smart your pup is. 

Pro Tip: To make a positive association you must present the new or unusual grooming tool first and then offer food while grooming. Feeding to distract and then grooming may lead to your dog thinking treats predict scary things. One of our favorite tools to help keep your dog focused on fun is a lickimat or similar toy seen here: 

dog with lickimat during a bath to help it stay calm

8. Consult with a professional groomer for the first time if needed: 

If you need help grooming your dog or if your dog has a specific breed cut, consider consulting with a professional groomer. This can help you learn the proper techniques and to get advice on how to maintain your dog’s specific breed cut.


Grooming your dog is a fundamental aspect of pet ownership. You can easily give your dog the best life with the best grooming techniques. Moreover, grooming your dog is not just about making them look good but also about ensuring they are healthy and comfortable. 

Following the expert tips and techniques discussed in this guide, you can confidently learn how to groom your dog like a pro and ensure it is always looking and feeling its best.

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